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Formerly known as /x/ sanctuary until the board inevitably expanded to include its upper directory, the /sanctuary/ is a paranormal imageboard populated by denizens originating from 4chan's /x/. The general topic of conversation is all things paranormal, creepy, or curiously unknown/unexplained.

Since this will be the second time writing this article, I've decided that I'll be writing it from my perspective so as to take full responsibility for the content and perspectives of this article.




In the beginning I, Prelucid created the Wiki and the board. And the board was without content, and empty; and cancer was upon the face of /x/.

I created the /x/enopedia because people wanted it and all that the trolls could do was discourage the OP of that thread by saying nobody would have the time and resources to follow through. That it wasn't worth it. Well, I've never been good at doing things for myself, but when other people need things, I can be quite useful. So I obliged them and took the initiative. I had the link up and saw the first of many flood in and begin work. In a time when /x/ was full of cancer, it provided a constructive distraction for people tired of the shenanigans of /b/. This went on for awhile, and it was good.

Shortly after, the cancer started to spread and multiply. I heard the first of many cries wondering where the mods were. Admittedly, I didn't really have a problem with how /x/ was, but I didn't take too kindly to some of the imagery posted that effectively made it quite difficult to browse in the presence of other people. I saw the decline of /x/ on the horizon and I figured that if the Wiki would survive, the posters would need some place to continue regular paranormal conversation.

And so /sanctuary/ was born. Within an hour, the board became live. This was on August 13th, 2009 at 7:38pm PST. I admit I didn't know how to use any of the software at the time, and since the board was active, I decided to leave a welcome post in case anyone did arrive. They did, and it only took another hour for the first post to arrive by a poster from /x/enopedia. It was the beginning and the /sanctuary/ would stay here so long as people needed it.


When I saw posts being made on the /sanctuary/ my initial thoughts were regularly on the same idea that this was only a back-up board. I didn't intend for it to actually become active, but it did, so I had to start moderating. Each week, it would grow and grow. My responsibility to the posters was to maintain the principles that would keep the /sanctuary/ from succumbing to the failures of /x/. In most cases it was an issue of tolerance in which I would have to be the one to play the bad cop. That never bothered me, the idea of discarding people who didn't belong. The only place I ever advertised /x/ was the Wiki, contrary to other people's beliefs. I was always openly against it. Call it prejudice. I wanted the kind of people that would contribute to the values of preserving quality content and discarding the cancer. In a way, I made it for the Wiki contributors. But the board took on a life of its own and a variety of different people began populating the boards. I would have to delegate decisions from then on, only choosing to be the bad cop at points where my judgment deemed it was appropriate. Believe it or not, I left my subjectivity at the door and I chose mods of the same mindset. However this sounds to you, the reader, or whatever picture this paints of me is largely irrelevant. I'm what you got and it's always been in your power to walk away.

Everyday it seems less likely that /x/ will be restored. You have to wonder that if those of us had stayed and continued our posting on /x/, if it would have helped at all. Maybe not. Maybe /b/ will never leave but I like to think that while we didn't save /x/, we saved and produced original content that would have been lost. Reluctant members are now starting to migrate over. We've even had ban appeals from people who originally came to troll us, but then started realizing that the spirit of /x/ really does live on in /sanctuary/. There are trolls all over but the ones on our board lurk.



On September 13, 2009, the 1 month anniversary of the board, there was a failed attempt by /b/ to raid the shores of /sanctuary/. In the days leading up to the raid, butthurt /b/tards that were previously exiled from the sanctuary attempted to incite anger among the remaining members of /x/ by posting under the names of well known figures such as myself and Phil Ossiferz Stone, who was previously corrected for advertising the link to sanctuary. On the day they managed to call for /b/lack up, a total of 130 unique bans were placed while Administration enabled blocks such as CAPTCHA and mod-only posting at different intervals simply to frustrate them. Surprisingly, a database backup was made almost an hour before the raid began, so the moderators were more or less just "enjoying the party" knowing they had nothing to lose. Amazingly, we realized that /b/ was quite easy to fend off.

In the aftermath, /b/ began demanding reparations for their losses from /x/ which was later paid in full when /b/'s board went down and the /b/tards flooded into /x/, once again making it second /b/ as opposed to it's normal /xb/ or /bx/ state. Though we were accused of DDoS'ing /b/ following the raid, these are false accusations on behalf of cereal eating conspiracy theorists.

99chan /x/ Crossover

October 3, 2009. For reasons currently outside of my realm of understanding, there has been civil unrest on 99chan (whose history can better be explained on ED) involving dissatisfaction with the management. Because of this, we have had a surge of users coming in from their /x/ board as well as the introduction of several threads involving Magick which seems to be the primary subject of interest. Their method of moving has been less than transparent and they seem to be intent on making it known that they are here and are magick users. Personally, I don't mind as long as they read the rules and understand what they are getting in to. You see they stated a lot of reasons for coming here such as faggot mods, and tyranny, which can just as easily be a label for much of the kind of moderation we do here. We don't promise anything and there are no high ideals in place forcing anyone to be accommodating to these expectations, but it may just be that perhaps we are already the kind of place they are looking for.

Can't recall exactly when, but a month or so earlier we had a request from a 99chan user to add their /x/ board to our sidebar. After reading the first post, it was added on a trial basis because of the written tone of their sticky. Because it is now slathered with obscene imagery, I have removed the link from this site in order to keep it work safe.


On October 17, 2009, it was made known that exiles that were previously banned from /sanctuary/ had created their own board.

The Indigo Crystal

In a massive /sanctuary/ hosted ARG, several xphiles grouped together on November 21st, 2009, to solve the mystery of The Indigo Crystal. The game is still up right now on the old Sanctuary, but needs to be manually reset in order to be played through again. Remnants of the story exist in /ml/ of the old board, the logs in the ARG, and one post on Sanctuary-Xibalba.


The wiki served as one of many distractions for certain members of /x/. Such distractions were a natural progression due to /x/'s lack of content or excess of cancer. Part of /sanctuary/'s goals are to embrace these distractions. Livestream theater pages, Coast 2 Coast live feeds, Paranormal radio, and even /x/ boards at other *chans are linked to from the master sidebar. It's come a long way from being just /x/ sanctuary, a one board site. Now it consists of the above as well as two other boards: a request and resource dump known as the /g/raveyard and a /mod/ board to allow input from participating posters. In addition to this, there's a 24/hour IRC chatroom with a decent population at any time of the day, though there are rare blackout periods where people are either sleeping or too tired to carry on conversation during the weekends.

Future goals involve revamping the board software for maximizing aesthetics and functionality, as well as to facilitate popular actions and allow integration with the features listed above. This will most likely be built from scratch and involve portable versions for the iPhone and iPod Touch. As some features such as Livestream are largely dependent on flash functionality and outside API, not all features are guaranteed to be integrated in portable versions, though currently there are high hopes for Coast 2 Coast radio streams and IRC functionality.

The Archives are now active on /sanctuary/ and will be manually sorted on a casual basis.


"We have mods" has quickly become the sanctuary's motto in response to the ongoing raids on /x/ that have since risen immensely since /sanctuary/'s inception. This is rather appropriate considering /sanctuary/ was created immediately following posts crying out for mods. The only other motto is "shit gets cleaned up" which surfaced out of regular board conversation and was said in correction to the delusion that we are untouchable, which we do not officially claim to be.

Current Staff

There have been a number of mods in Sanctuary history. As of this update, Prelucid has temporarily removed other mods as a change in ideals while Sanctuary re-establishes its identity.

  • The first mod was kisasoma who was a full out /b/tard that dropped due to conflicting interests, instead becoming the admin of the root domain, Datchan.org fulltime.
  • Trinton/Laughing Man had also been recruited and was chosen because of actual experience in being a GM in his real life profession. In the beginning, Trinton's involvement was minimal while he had other priorities. His return to active duty incited some negativity in the IRC due to his blunt nature and persistent resolve. Laughing Man is now going by the name Trinton and is acting representative, devoting more time to the board these days following Prelucid's permanent leave from personal involvement in the IRC community.
  • zxcv was the third mod, gaining a strong presence in the community until he was demodded later due to Prelucid's escalating butthurt at being sarcastically insulted on occasions, despite the former mod's claims that they were jokes. After this, Prelucid reset all the mod passwords, to avoid unpredictable backlash. These passwords were to be delivered to mods through request from Trinton before Prelucid decided that it was no longer necessary to have mods citing the incident as the catalyst.
  • JackofTheLegion was made a mod shortly after receiving the heads up from peers in the community and for pioneering Paranormal radio.
  • Ryokashi was made mod due to recognition on /x/enopedia IRC.
  • Though he was banned and called a troll many times, Ian rose through the population and eventually became a mod. He received strong support from Trinton and Prelucid in this proposal.
  • Sorc received moderatorship upon request by Trinton. As the IRC host, it was long overdue though Prelucid was never approached by Sorc beforehand about the issue.

Conspiracy Theories

Prelucid is a Shepard

It's been proposed I've planned everything from raids to manipulating droves of /x/philes to move to sanctuary which I find both flattering and ridiculous since I've been working nonstop on building the site, taking suggestions, chatting on IRC with the regulars who will tell you we do nothing more than shoot the shit on an almost constant basis. My mods are self-automated and something I'm constantly telling them is to make their own decisions using their own judgment. There is no administration over here doing anything other than cleaning up the boards. Do you really believe it's in our best interests to make that mess harder to manage?

I can tell you honestly that population is more appealing to the other posters than to the people who run the board. We are not ad-run and we will never ask for donations. In fact, we've been offered donations, but turned it down. Most people might take advantage of this, but I'm actually quite well off and will probably never need financial help sustaining the site.

Ultimate B Troll

Something I once read while lurking as anonymous: people think I'm really a /b/tard who will shut down the site leaving all /x/philes in limbo, while /b/ gets two boards. /b/ and /x/. This is silly because /b/ already owns both boards. Besides, I came from /toy/ and /v/.

This theory was thought to have major support since DATCHAN, which is the main domain for this site, is in fact a /b/ related site run by kisasoma. The contents of this site are rare recordings of ongoing camwhore raids by /b/ which are regularly uploaded by kisa.

Content Planning

People think that some of the great original content that appears on /sanctuary/ were planned and created by administration. This isn't true. I'm a poster just like everyone else and I have never collaborated behind the scenes on such matters. I try my best to participate on the same level as everyone else.

Alien Admin

Rumor have spread that I am actually a _______, where blank space most often equals alien. I stand by this popular opinion in good humor and often joke on the matter by feigning surprise at hearing the accusation, followed by cursing and then getting aboard a spaceship and leaving... no traces. The three dots and "no traces" part are a little mind game intended to throw you off what I really meant if you actually thought about what I meant.

Negative Occurrences and Implications


Early advertising on behalf of one or two zealous members had begun irritating /x/ users enough to lower the sanctuary link to spam status. In addition, the success of sanctuary actually brought dormant communities out of hiding to spam their own links as well. This included random phpbb paranormal boards and even /spooky/, reducing all of us to fail. This later gave /b/tards enough content to incite a raid that occurred against /sanctuary/ on B-Day.


Sanctuary has seen its share of remorseful /x/philes trying to rally /sanctuary/ users towards revenge-raiding /b/, which is wholly seen as a waste of time since pissing in a sea of piss is futile.

Namefags and Tripfags

Namefaggottry and Tripfaggotry is rampant in /sanctuary/ with varying amounts of groups speaking for and against it. Since anonymous only ever appears to be one person, anonymous is often outnumbered by the population of tripfags. Since I often indirectly speak against tripfagging, it is suspected that I am the one anonymous.

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