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Unknown Author


In Columbia, S.C. there is an abandoned insane asylum on the corner of Bull and Elmwood. Should you enter it and travel up through it’s winding stairs to the second floor you will find a large treatment area.

There is a table opposite to the entrance of this room which is piled high with hundreds of razor blades. Many people have reported a strange urge to take one of these rusted blades and cut a small X into the center of their forehead in a location corresponding with the pineal gland.

Few ever give into this urge, but those who push aside their fears of tetanus or other infection have reported a sudden blinding headache and a whiting out of vision. When they regained some sense sight they all claimed to have witnessed black humanoid silhouettes upon further investigation of the asylum. These shadow people never have been known to interact with these people, generally just emitting an ætheric muttering from unformed lips as if whispering to themselves. Others seem content in simply huddling their dark masses in the corners of the hallways and cells.

Select people, however, have reported encountering a shadow entity they universally called ‘the administrator.’ This being was said to be sitting inside the administrative officer, made of dark shifting energies akin to the other shadow inhabitants, but with a few consistent discernable features. These included a dark hood obscuring much of it’s ‘face’ and glowing eyes that seemed to reflect the light of the room. Strangest of all, ‘the administrator’ is always said to posses what appears to be akin to a canine muzzle with rows of sharp teeth.

All who have encountered him have fled instantly, fearing the sharp unmistakable malignancy and intelligence housed within his dark eyes. A few people have even reported a later sensation of always being watched, occasionally catching out of the corner of their eyes glimpses of a large black dog.

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