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Spanish God

A love god.

Amadis of Gaul: European Figure

As a baby he was sent adrift in a boat but was saved from the sea by Gandales who reared him alongside his own son, Gandalin. Both were taken to the court of the Scottish King, Languines, and became firm friends of his son, Agraies. He was in love with Oriana, daughter of the king of Britain who, when he went to the aid of the princess Briolania, thought he had deserted her and wrote a letter, terminating their relationship.

He went to Firm Island where he and Agrais, his cousin, were able to pass through the Arch of True Lovers while Galaor and Florestan refused to try. All four tried to enter the Forbidden Chamber, but only Amadis succeeded, the others being thrown back by unsees forces. He was acclaimed as ruler of the island, but when he received Oriana's letter, he left his companions and went off alone, seeking death as a release from his sorrow.

He met a monk named Andalod, who called him Beltenbros when Armadis refused to give him his real name, and together they went to a hermitage on Poor Rock Island. Here he was found by the Damsel Of Denmark who gave him a second letter from Oriana in which she begged his forgiveness, whereupon he returned joyfully to Britain.

He met a wagon-train of captured knights and maidens, led by the giant Famongomadan and Basagante, his son. Among the many captives was Leonoretta, sister of his beloves Oriana. He killed both the giants and frees the prisoners.

When the Irish king, Cildaden, challenged Lisuarte for the kingdom, Amadis led 100 British knights in contest, with a like number on the Irish side. Amadis rescued Lisuarte, who had been captured by the giant Mandanfabul, and killed the giant, after which they routed the enemy who fled to their ships. Amadis received the gratitude of Lisuarte, and the hand of Oriana.

He was said to be the original owner of the horse Bayard

Amadis of Gaul

A 16th Century Spanish story of the explaits of Amadis.

Amadis of Greece

Great grandson of Amadis of Gaul. Grandson of Lisuarte. Son of Esplandian.

He was said to be the original owner of the horse Bayard.

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