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BR1ngfOrth was a short-lived but intense ARG taking place mostly on 4chan's /x/ board. The story began in mid-May of 2009, when someone posted a link to a Bravenet guestbook with the ominous tagline "Post your number. It. WILL call." Initially, there was much suspicion regarding the site, and multiple anons suggested that it might simply be /b/'s latest trolling mechanism. After a time, many anons entered their number into the guestbook and began to report and record actual, received calls, all from numbers one digit higher than their own. Most of the calls were short and resembled fortune cookies in terms of their message. Some individuals reported being asked whether they had a question, or would like to receive their fortune. The voice on the other end of the line began babbling in an unknown language when asked obvious, direct questions regarding his identity. Even more disturbing, calls began to ask anons if they were willing to "pay the price" for a clear answer, the price rumored to be half of an individual's life.


The idea of a Bravenet guestbook collecting numbers to distribute somewhat creepy fortunes was the brainchild of a gentlefag by the name of Deathboy90. Early on in the ARG, a few anons discovered his e-mail address to be linked to the guestbook, but Deathboy promptly quit the internet, leaving them guessing. In reality, Deathboy90 was behind the calls, using an iPhone app to spoof numbers, and partially strangling himself for a raspy, creepy voice.

Oddly enough, Deathboy90 never intended BR1ngfOrth to become an ARG. Early conversations with helpers had Deathboy90 assuring them that he had planned said ARG for months, and had everything worked out. This was later revealed to be untrue. Deathboy90 was, in all seriousness, a Mormon teenager who sought to "raise energy" via the phone trick in order to summon Cthulhu.

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