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Bloody Tear Man is an original story from an /x/phile by the name of Knight who tells of his childhood encounter with a pale, cackling man wearing a black hood and crying blood. The odd choice of words "almost assaulted me when I was a child" were used and then followed by "However, I was miraculously rescued by my father."


The Original Story

A Knight approved rendition
The first details of this /x/enopedia entry were recorded during a live recap on Friday, August 14th, 2009 at 1:10 AM

"When I was about 6 or 7 years old, my father and I went out for a day at the mall. However, as night rolled around, I got separated from him by the crowds (It was a weekend, I believe Saturday). I ended up wandering out into the parking lot looking for him. When I got out to the lot, I immediately felt a sense of intimidation and dread. This was enhanced by the fact that there were no cars in that particular lot.

I looked ahead and spotted frail-looking a figure, wearing a black hood. As soon as I noticed him, he seemed to notice me, cranking his head to look at me. He gawked for a few seconds before he began to eerily chuckle and laugh, and he began advancing towards me, in sort of a shuffle.

His movements were rather strange. His lower body moved with a short of shuffling grace, and yet his upper body twitched and had tiny spasms, all the while as he laughed. As he became clearer, I saw that his skin was chalk-white, and he was apparently crying blood.

I was frozen with fear, and I literally could not move. I wanted to close my eyes, but that was also impossible. All I could do was watch him get closer.

He got very close, about 7 feet away, before my father came straight out of nowhere and straight-up tackled the man like a UFC grappler. My dad started throwing ruthless punches at him, getting in a few good shots before the crying blood man squirmed out of his grasp and started making a run for it.

The Crying Blood Man took off at an inhuman speed, disappearing into the dark. My father immediately grabbed me, ran to his car, and we drove off. We hadn't spoken of the incident for 13 years, until earlier today.

He didn't tell me much, as I was expecting.

I asked him if he remembered that night at the mall when I was a kid, where he "beat the shit out of that weird guy". (I worded it eloquently, if I say so myself).

He seemed surprised that I remembered it, and then became increasingly irritated as I pried. Eventually, he rose from his chair and glared at me.

"Shut up. It's gonna come back when you have kids, so just be ready." And then, the old man promptly walked out.

So, all I know is that it's obviously been around for awhile, and it seems to target the next generation.

Now, does /x/ have any ideas? I know that the leads are extremely bleak, and for that, I apologize. I will continue to speak with my father about it."

Knight's Father's Story

As told by Knight. Recorded at 07:18, 15 August 2009 (UTC)

"Dad finally gave me the specific rundown of the situation with his encounter.

It was also nightfall, but my dad was with his mother when Bloody Tear Man appeared, and he started advancing on them, much like he did to me. But Epicdad's Mother stood her ground and walked right up to it. Epicdad says she wiped away one of it's blood tears and said, "Please leave."

And apparently, Bloody Tear Man stopped laughing/smiling, and left.

Now, I have no idea what to make of that. Doesn't seem like Demonic/Giantish behavior to me. Any ideas?"

Additional descriptions

Knight has described the BTM as being handsome despite the white skin and bloody tear-filled eyes. This eliminates imagery pertaining to Nosferatu or the white skinned bald old-man archetype which is a natural conclusion of hearing the original story.

Knight: "He had facial features. Like I said last night, his face was very narrow, and sort of angular: High cheekbones, pointy nose and jaw. Very slender, dark-colored eyebrows, too."

Knight: "Well, if I'm correct, blood is a rather thick substance, but his blood looked rather thin. And yes, they were sort of gushing from underneath the eyes, which is why I related them to tears."

Knight: "His clothes seemed somewhat modern. I mean, he wasn't decked out like a Friar Monk, anyway. Although his clothes were very nondescript, I can't recall telling what sort of fabric it was. But they were all very dark colors: Black, or at least a very dark gray."


Hypothesis #1

Lack of corroborating evidence of any modern or ancient sighting of the "Bloody Tears Man" makes it very difficult to identify. However, looking through lists of ancient monsters, demons, fiends, spirits, and familiars may help to determine what this thing is. So far, the closest thing that matches Knight's description is a mythological group of deities called "Erinyes" or furies (no, not furries. faggots.) Literally "the angry ones", furies were entities used to pursue and kill those who broke an oath. In Dante's inferno they were described as having,"heads of the Erinyes were wreathed with serpents and their eyes dripped with blood,". Though "Bloody Tear Man" (who is obviously male) did not have snakes for hair, it would explain why he was pursuing Knight's finally. Perhaps, generations ago, his family's head broke an oath and incited the wrath of a witch/demon. Current Status: Recanted. Seeing as there are no male variants of the erinyes, the fact that the descriptions do not match, and that there is no mention of patrilinial descent, it seems that this hypothesis has been discredited.

Hypothesis #2

An objective reviewer of this story came up with the following post after accosting posters for 'reaching' too far to link this urban legend to others: "if I were to do this my way with only accountable details it would go something like this:

his granny wiped away a tear. he walked away. his father punched him like crazy. he ran. if i were to reach her, I could argue that he managed to punch him in the face a few times and wiped off some blood. he may have run because a sudden unrelenting beating may have wiped off more than his grandmother's 'warning' wipe." Current Status: Active. Though the point seems to be a non-sequitur of sorts, it may have merit. This would indicate that Bloody Tears Man has a weakness (the tears themselves). However, unless further information is found, the only way that this hypothesis can be tested is if Knight faces BTM head on.

Hypothesis #3

In English myth, during the time when giants were found all over Cornwall, there lived a particularly troublesome giant known as The Giant Bolster of Saint Agnes. Although a troublesome giant much inclined to trampling the farmers' crops and stealing their livestock, Bolster had a weakness for a pretty face and became infatuated with a local girl by the name of Agnes. As the story goes, Agnes convinced Bolster to show his love for her by filling up a pit with his blood. Unbeknown to Bolster, the pit led out to sea, rendering the hole impossible to fill, and so the giant died. However, according to one Anon, somehow this can be related to BTM. Unfortunately, no further information has been found to support this claim. Current Status: Abandoned. Due to very little relation to Knight's physical description of BTM and no correlating evidence to link BTM and this myth, it's safe to say that Bolster the giant, for now, is off the suspect list.

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