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Candlejack kidnapping some anons.

Candlejack is a character from an episode of the '90s cartoon series Freakazoid. In the series, he arrives to tie up and kidnap anyone who says his name aloud. The /b/astards at 4chan eventually got their hands on this episode, and Candlejack has been a meme ever since. The meme is invoked by saying "Candlejack" somewhere in your post, and then cutting off the end at mid-sentence or sometimes even mid-word (like thi). It's usually frowned upon to end the post with punctuation (endi- or endi...).

It is often pointed out that if Candlejack kidnaps you, how does your comment get posted? The general consensus is that Candlejack is considerate enough to press enter before taking you away forever. e.g. Candlejack is coming fo

A Popular motivational poster depicting Candlejack.

A supernatural villain with a burlap sack over his head, called "the Boogeyman, the for-real one" in the series. Although he prides himself on being scary, he has a weakness for pie and also seems to enjoy watching F Troop.

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