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The Children's Immortality Project was started by Robert Ray Hedges. It consists of hundreds of websites preaching about making children immortal, cryptic walls of text, and occasional crude banter. Not much is known about the project itself other than theories (such as it being lead by some sort of cult). The "Algorithm" according to one of his images involving Dakota Fanning, stated that it took him 33,000 hours to create.

Hedges is also known for his epically long Moses-like beard and tanned complexion.


4chan Discussion Archives

First thread:

Second thread: (you need to be logged into the archive to see it)

Main Page

The main page can be found here or just Google Child's Immortality Project.

Other sites include:

In one of the many sites, this was found:

Sculpture's Place

Further research of the links on RRH's pages lead us to this, which on the outside seems like a normal housewife's hobby site. Then you see that the site has been around since 1999 and the same 1 or 2 people have been posting once a day for the past 11 years. The chat board has been taken down on the site most likely due to the meddling of our beloved /x/philes. The main posters on this site are Ginger Edwards (Owner) and Randa Lee.

Randa Lee has her own BBS

Ginger Edwards has her own site


From the vague, cryptic text on the sites we can tell that RRH believes that if children don't learn of death, they will never die. He thinks that because this sound and concrete logic has not gained the massive attention it should have, his beliefs are being suppressed by Google and Yahoo in an attempt to rob us of our innocence.

He also redundantly mentions "Shesus", which is what he believes to be his female Messiah. He also mentions auditions for Shesus so it's been speculated that he wants to find his ideal preteen girl for him to profusely molest for the rest of "eternity".

As well as this, references to Indigo Children and other arcane topics are somehow mixed into this.


Phone calls have been made to a number found.

It turns out this number was a local tourist agency where he gets his mail, he apparently lives in the woods.

He also has a daughter, a Twitter account, and many other sites that require updating... but the theory that he lives in the woods contradicts this. According to one anon, his son died as of the end of March 2010.

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