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Creepypasta is any form of writing, usually fictional, that is read mainly for the purpose of spooking the reader. Anybody can write creepypasta, and there is a large collection of creepypasta on the internet. Creepypasta doesn't go through any approval processes — rather, the more the /x/ imageboard requests a certain story, the more reputation it gains. This is how the more well known pieces of creepypasta became successful.

Creepypasta stories general attempt to spook, startle, or surprise the reader, sometimes referred to as a "mindfuck". The topics of creepypasta can vary, from aliens, to demons, to paranormal adventures. The /x/ community is fond of creepypasta, and it is a widely known fact that new creepypasta is treasured, but rarely comes along.


Collection of Creepypasta at Encyclopedia Dramatica

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