Demon cat of Guanajuato

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Picture usually posted along with the Creepy Pasta
Japanese BakeNeko

The Demon Cat of Guanajuato is a creepypasta believed to have originated in central Mexico from myths and legends around the time of the 1910 revolution. It eventually found itself circulated on the internet. The creepypasta bares resemblance to stories of the BakeNeko, a vengeful cat spirit of Japanese folklore.

The Story

I will be the first to admit that what I did in my youth was monstrous. But that is no reason why I must be afflicted with such nightmarish terrors. It is inhumane to live like this; but I will not be forced out of my own home, built by my own ancestors. I am an Alvarado, the last of the richest family in Guanajuato! So what if nobody wants to work for me anymore. Ignorant peasants! I have enough money and rifles to outlive whatever it is that afflicts this Hacienda. But as brave as my words are, my soul cannot match them. I fear- I tremble- when the sun goes out. It is out there, it is here, it is everywhere- The horrendous beast with its large yellow eyes and the surrounding dark void. It cannot be described.

A demon.

I feel like it is its duty to kill me, but not a quick death, it wants to make my life unbearable. It wants me to do it the favor of killing myself. I have seen it once or twice; I have shot at it with no effect. It is like shooting at twisted lights and shadows. If it was just my fear of seeing it, I would have already taken my eyes out. But it screams like the cat it once was, it yells like the little girls I have murdered.

The demon cat of Guanajuato.


Wikipedia article on the Bakeneko.

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