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Formerly known as Ea and regarded as a water-god in Sumerian mythology, Enki is credited in Sitchin's translations as the creator of humanity as well as its savior. Enki is an alien being from a race called the Anunnaki.

Enki is considered the God that saved humanity in the Great Deluge, which is reported in certain texts as designed to destroy humanity. He is often depicted helping humans by teaching them irrigation and medicine so that they could become a greater species. This enraged his half brother Enlil who was successor to the throne of Nibiru and was opposed to the creation of humans, seeking to destroy them in the Great Deluge.

Title and Duties

He was given the title of Enki, translated as En-Ki, where Ki is the name for the Earth meaning "Firm Ground" and the title in its entirety means Lord of the Earth. There is no agreed upon translation of En at the moment, but it's a title that is associated with being a Lord and given to High Priests. As the Lord of the Earth, he was charged with the task of overseeing militant and administrative efforts on the new planet to gather Gold necessary to the survival of Nibiru.

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