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One of the photographs

There are several theories on what the Erwin S. Strasberg Letters actually are. Some believe it to be real correspondence from a real person from a real event. Others believe it to be a hoax, others that it is some sort of ARG. The greatest consensus however is that it is a form of superfiction, in which a story is being told with every day life elements such as letters, photographs and artifacts.

Its nature is participatory for those following it, meaning that those that have sent letters have received interesting replies. Letters have been exchanged since Mid august and continue to this day. It originated in Unfiction, but it flourished in /sanctuary/ where more people found interest in it.

Theories of the mystery range from the Cthulhu Mythos, to Illuminati and even time travelers.

The phenomenon started in late August and continues up to this day.


First letter.

A person whose name seems to be 'Amanda' received the first letter in the mail on August 7, 2009. According to her, it came to her home address in a Priority Mail envelope from a P.O. Box address in College Station, Texas. Inside she found a typewritten letter. It is now known that she had posted her address publicly in a ARG website in hopes of receiving swag and ARG trailheads.

The nature of the letter however did not follow the standard Commercial ARG formula, in fact, it didnt seem to be an ARG at all. Alternate Reality Games are often done and produced for the masses, they usually start as hundreds of emails being sent and the mailing of standardized strange packages with mystery items to those known for their blogs and audiences. 'Amanda' did not break the news of what she received until august 26th, perhaps when she realized that she was the only one to have received something.

Summary of the first letter explains explicitly that it is not an ARG, that there are strange events currently occurring in Erwin's area, and that he is trying to uncover something from which he does not mention much. However, TINAG (This Is Not A Game) applies and leaves the suspicion of it being an ARG intact.

First Reply

Amanda's first reply

'Amanda' wrote a short, and arguably not very imaginative reply.

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