Fear the Pigs, Love Wolfman

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"Fear the Pigs, Love Wolfman" is a supposedly new ARG that was commenced by a post on both 4chan and the Sanctuary's /x/ boards on late Oct. 10th/early Oct. 11th, 2009. A user with the name '231512613114' posted a picture of a sketched, grinning face, and linked to a video titled the same as well.

Within this video is an obvious, easily decodable message that says 'Fear the Pigs, Love Wolfman'. However, several not-as-obvious clues were presented. First of all, there was very low murmuring, which when reversed, extracted, and turned up reveals an hard to interpret hidden message. The info section on the youtube page also revealed Zalgo-esque text which, decoded by anonymous, quickly revealed to simply say 'lj'. This was in reference to LiveJournal.

During the time of discovery, wolfman had a livejournal with only one entry. The entry read, in the same code as the video, 'If you want to know, 10|12|09'. Wolfman then updated a while later, saying 'Remember the face'. A final message was posted that night, this time in morse code, reading: "REMEMBER, KIDDIES, IT'S ONLY A GAME. OR IS IT? I HAVE A PACKAGE FOR YOU. REMEMBER, DON'T FORGET THE FACE. 10/12/09"

Whether this means there will be an actual package hunt remains to be seen.

The extracted audio - [1] The livejournal - [2] The picture in the initial post - [3]

Update 10/12/09

A megaupload was posted. [4]

On September 18, 2010, the creator of the ARG announced on /x/ that the ARG failed. He announced that this was mainly due to a friend dying in a car accident. The ARG was supposed to involve the human race being artificially created by aliens known as 'Pigs' for food. The wolfman was supposed to be the main enemy of the pigs, trying to get the message out in the most cryptic ways possible.

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