Great Deluge

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In Sumerian mythology and Zitchin's translations. Also known as the Great Flood and associated with similarities in the story of Noah's Ark, the Great Deluge, was a seven day flood sent by Anunnaki deities to destroy civilization as a form of divine retribution.

As a half-son to Enki by a human spouse, the priest king Zuisudra like the biblical Noah, was given instructions on how to build a boat to escape the fate of other human workers on the planet. Though this enraged Enlil, Enki argued that it was unfair to punish Zuisudra for sins of the rest of humanity. After making a sacrifice to the gods, Zuisudra was given eternal life in Eden by An and Enlil.


Initially, primitive workers were created to mine the gold on the planet but once they were all wiped out in the Deluge, only half-Anunnaki humans could have survived the ordeal. As the current humans on Earth are concerned, each one could be a descendant member of the race of Anunnaki.

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