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Jeff Wells is the blogger behind the blog Rigorous Intuition. He has also written a book, and maintains a large message board for his blog.

Wells has several unique views on conspiracies, UFOs, and the general paranormal.

Views on 9/11

According to Wells the 9/11 truth movement, originally a movement to shine a light on dodgy connections between the US government and rogue governments/actors, has been overtaken by a movement that focuses primarily on the US itself as the main perpetrator of 9/11, thus whitewashing the connection between the US and surreptitious foreign policy and skullduggery.

Wells refers to this as 'New Truth' where there is no al Qaeda within the New Truthers narrative. The function of the New Truthers is to whitewash the parapolitical connections between al Qaeda and the US government, and blame 9/11 primarily on the US government. This is done because the connection between al Qaeda and the US government is damning (source). The media rarely reports on the parapolitical connections between al Qaeda and international drug trafficking networks e.g. Mohammed Atta's connection to drug traffickers (source). Or the connections between the Pakistani ISI and the CIA. The primary narrative is that of an "inside job" i.e. somebody within gov did 9/11, and thus pushes Osama bin Laden and his parapolitical connections out of the picture.

Individuals that are truthers, in the original sense of pointing out parapolitical connections of the US government, are targetted by the New Truthers and lambasted. According to Wells, the New Truth movement is filled with a lot of groupthink, and subject to easy manipulation by disinformation.

Wells delineates between what he terms 'insiders' and 'outsiders' in conspiracy theory (source). Outsiders are the aforementioned New Truthers. The conspiracy theorists without inside knowledge. Outsiders pine for insiders to blow the whistle. Insiders are those on the inside of politics with knowledge of what occurred on 9/11. Inside whistleblowers give the outsiders what they want to hear. These authority figures control the way they are questioned, but are also exploited by authority figures e.g. scholars for 9/11 truth.

Many of the 'outsider' individuals involved in this movement are connected to politics, media, the military and intelligence agencies. These include:

  • Morgan Reynolds (Bush insider, promotor of controlled demolition theory. One of the primary narratives of the New Truthers is that of the Controlled Demolition (CD) theory(source).)
  • David Shayler (MI5)
  • Bill Christison (CIA)
  • Major-General Albert Stubblebine (US Army Intelligence)
  • Paul Craig Roberts (former associate editor of wall street journal, and member of Reagan administration)

The listed individuals and others promote the most bizarre 9/11 theories, and are welcomed with open arms by the New Truthers (but before hand they are completely distrusted). By telling the New Truthers what they want to hear, they now control the direction of the 9/11 truth movement.

According to Wells, this modus operandi of infiltrating groups and promoting bizarre conspiracy theories is very similar to past government involvement in UFOs and the CIAs infiltration, and destruction, of NICAP (source).

Well's also suggests three questions that the New Truthers are concerned with: (1) How 9/11 occurred? (2) Who was involved in 9/11? and; (3) Why was 9/11 done?

New Truthers have made up their mind on (2) and (3), and nearly the entire New Truth movement is concerned with question (1). Well's compares this to a magician's trick. New Truthers are trying to work out how the magician pulled off the trick, and often rely on the magicians themselves telling the New Truthers how the trick is done.

Well's personal view of what happened on 9/11, and its lead up, is that the 9/11 attacks were an emergent phenomenon from a criss-crossing network of drug trafficking, intelligence agencies, and terrorist groups that had interrelationships, alliances, and competed with each other. There was no top-down conspiracy, but a "convergence of interests" among many players and groups who took advantage of what was happening before, and on, 9/11. Many core individuals involved in 9/11 were double agents and had loyalty to several different groups e.g. al Qaeda's connections to the CIA, ISI, Saudis, and others (source).

The Military-Occult Complex, ritual abuse/mind control, and "High Weirdness"

Well's theory on "high weirdness" is similar to the UFOlogist Jacques Vallee and Charles Fort's idea that humanity is "property". Namely, that many of the paranormal phenomenon we perceive in the world -- such as Ghosts, UFOs, weird sightings etc -- is from a 'control system'. It's not that we are trapped inside a system, like a computer or an intergalactic zoo, but that there is some substrate of reality that influences and plays with our belief systems, particularly mythological and religious beliefs.

The military-occult complex has also discovered this control system and has tried unsuccessfully to control it. Instead the military-occult complex seek to mimic the control system's power through techno-occultic means e.g. government research on UFOs, psychic spies, CIA-MKULTRA mind control, and the influence of esoteric secret religious societies on the government.

Part of this control system appears to be biophotonic in nature i.e. the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we see and hear on plays a major part in manipulating how we perceive reality. This is partly a reason why scientists have found various frequencies on the EM spectrum can induce fear, and also why Brazil has some of more bizarre UFO-human interactions (due to the South Atlantic Anomaly in the ionosphere).

Many "high weirdness" events -- like UFOs, Men in Black, unexplained phenomenon, and others -- shake people up at a psychological and moral/spiritual level.

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