Lyeford, West Virginia

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Lyeford is a fictitious West Virginian town, the dark history of which is chronicled in a sprawling, unusual Creepypasta, which can be found here.

The Creepypasta

The Creepypasta is unique in many aspects. There is no clear narrator, and rather than being an account of fictional events it is written as though the town were real, with various facts, such as the towns population and details of a failed oil drilling project interspread throughout the more detailed accounts of murders and unexplained events that plague the town. The span of the creepypasta is also unique, as the story encompasses several generations of misery throughout the towns three century long history. Beyond the town itself there are few recurring themes or elements, though notable exceptions are the haunting of Lyeford Hall and the Trinity Woods Clearing. Some small, seemingly trivial aspects of the story appear several times, bizarrely, such as the knife in the Lyeford Hall kitchen, whereas unresolved plotlines, like the Mad Jack killer, are never mentioned beyond their initial appearence. Although it is implied that the town is cursed and that the very area is supernatural, and several cryptic hints are given concerning an "Eye" in the woods and ghostly creatures that "live beneath you", it is never revealed why Lyeford is so unfortunate. The final line taunts the reader, who naturally wants to seek answers, by telling them that even if they were to find the town, they would never be able to leave it, for reasons undisclosed but presumably as dark as the story proceeding it.

The Town

Lyeford is described as poverty stricken and very small. It's existence has been forgotten, largely, and it is commonly left off American maps. Lyeford is surrounded by thick pine forests, called the Trinity Woods. A clearing in these woods is implied to contain the supernatural presence (Variously described as an "Eye" and an "Orb") that haunts the town.


Although most regard the story to be a fictitious account of an equally fictitious town, there are those who have suggested that Lyeford does in fact exist. Explanations given for the town being hidden in modern times refer to the story, which states that even modern maps neglect the towns existence. If the town does exist, it is implied in the final lines of the creepypasta that those who do come across it are killed or not allowed to escape.

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