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Manga is Japanese for comics, and the term manga is often used to refer to comics that come from Japan.

Horror manga has been a part of /x/ for a long time. Unfortunately, the same ones are often reposted, perhaps due to a lack of good horror manga or a lack of knowledge of good horror manga.

List of Horror Manga

Bug BoyHINO HideshiBody horror
Hell BabyHINO HideshiBody horror, zombie
Lullabies From HellHINO HideshiBody horror
Skin and BoneHINO HideshiBody horror, ghost
The Enigma of Amigara Fault (oneshot)ITOU JunjiBody horror
Flesh-Coloured Horror (collection) ITOU JunjiBody horror
GyoITOU JunjiBody horror
Hellstar ReminaITOU JunjiSF
UzumakiITOU JunjiBody horror, Lovecraftian
TomieITOU JunjiBody horror
ParasyteIWAAKI HitoshiBody horror, SF
Franken FranKIGITSU KatsuhisaBody horror
Dragon HeadMOCHIZUKI MinetaroSurvival
Zashiki OnnaMOCHIZUKI MinetaroStalker
Fuan no TaneNAKAYAMA MasaakiGhost
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery ServiceOTSUKA EijiGhost
Drifting ClassroomUMEZU KazuoSurvival
FourteenUMEZU KazuoBody horror, SF
MailYAMAZAKI HousuiGhost

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