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Marble Hornets is an ongoing amateur project that features Slenderman as an antagonist. The series of short clips is hosted by a student named Jay who is ceded a collection of tapes by another student, Alex, who has a sudden and unexpected mental breakdown. Out of the blue, Alex (as director) drops all production of his unreleased movie named "Marble Hornets" which stars both students, as well as other recurring characters such as Brian, Tim, Seth, et al, and attempts to burn the tapes but instead dumps them onto Jay. Jay begins uploading these tapes to Youtube with his own commentary as well as footage of his investigation into the mystery of Alex's insanity. In the short clips, Alex is followed by a strange figure that profoundly resembles Slenderman, although the name Slenderman is never mentioned. There is also a Twitter account updated by Jay, through which he consistently complains that the tapes have become an object of obsession. The further he delves into the case, the more complex it becomes. It grows even stranger when another Youtuber, Totheark, joins in as a second party. He posts cryptic video responses to the Marble Hornets videos which appear to be challenging Jay and egging him on to continue by using content that would be presumed unobtainable, such as missing audio from Alex's tapes and outside footage of certain events. None of the 12 responses' meanings have been discovered as of yet.




Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3

Entry #4

Entry #5

Entry #6

Entry #7

Entry #8

Entry #9 and Regards

Entry #10 and Operator

Entry #11 and Deluge

Entry #12 and Impurity

Entry #13 and Exit

Entry #15 - Interview with Tim and Advocate

Entry #16 and Addition

Entry #17 and Signal

Entry #18 and Messages

Entry #19 and Return

Entry #19.5

Entry #20 and Version

Entry #21

Entry #22


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