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Artist's depiction of mothman.
The Mothman is a creature seen throughout the United States, but mostly around the area of Point Pleasant, West Virgina.


Generally, the Mothman is described as being very large, around 6 or 7 feet tall. It appears human-like in body, however it is almost always described as having large, red eyes. The creature is occasionally described as headless, with the eyes set into its chest. The reason for the name are the large, moth-like wings on the creature's back.

The Stories

The first Mothman sighting was in Point Pleasant, on November 15, 1966. Two young married couples were driving near the explosives factory several miles north of Point Pleasant, and discovered the creature following their car. It reportedly chased the car at speeds up to 100 miles per hour.

In 1967, the Mothman was seen by many and suspected to have a connection with the collapse of the Silver Bridge (connecting West Virgina to Ohio). The events concerning the Mothman were made into a feature film in 2002 called "The Mothman Prophecies".

Paranormal State, a TV show about a Penn State paranormal society, dedicated a show to the subject where the conclusions implied that the Mothman and similar entities were actually trying to stop the disasters occurring rather than causing them.


The Mothman is believed to be connected with disasters. It's unclear whether it is the cause of the disasters or simply able to have premonitions of them. Many say that if you see the Mothman, something terrible will follow.

After the bridge collapse in 1967, the Mothman sightings have decreased. However he is still seen periodically throughout the United States.

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