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Alleged home planet of the Anunnaki; its orbital period, a Shar equals 3,600 Earth years. After the Celestial Battle, according to the hypothesis, it became the 12th member of our solar system. This is sometimes referred to as Planet X.


The Celestial Battle

According to Sitchin's texts. When entering the solar system (in orbit opposite of the other planets), Nibiru came close enough to a planet called Tiamat (between Jupiter and Mars) that one of Nibiru's satellite moons, the size of Mars, collided with the watery planet and sent fragments of its crust out into space (becoming the asteroid belt) and shifting the remains into a new position between Mars and Venus. The remains then reformed with the water due to gravity to create what is now known as Earth. Initially the water reformed freely around the crust creating the super continent, Pangaea, but due to the initial collision, Earth now had plate tectonics which eventually shifted the position of continents into more stable positions over the course of time.


The planet is reddish in radiance. Its volcanoes constantly belch and help form their atmosphere. The inner heat keeps the planet warm in its cold period away from the sun. The atmosphere shields the planet from the suns scorching rays when in the close hot period. Their atmosphere holds and releases rain giving rise to streams and lakes, sustaining all life and lush vegetation.

Nibiru is covered in clouds so thick that it could sustain heat for the 97 percent of time it spends outside of the solar system in a 3600 year orbit. Before their first landing on Earth, there was a crisis involving the planet's inability to sustain this state of absorbing heat for a period of only 108 years and keeping it for the other 3,492 years. One of two ways to save their planet was to disperse a solution entirely dependent on gold. The other was to use nuclear weapons to force the volcanoes to blow.

During this time it is stated that the colder periods were getting colder and the hotter periods were getting hotter. It was discovered there was a breach in the atmosphere. The volcanoes were erupting less. This effected the abundance of resources in the land and even fertility of inhabitants.

At the time, the deposed king of Nibiru, Alalu, has been the first to escape Nibiru's atmosphere and land on Earth where conditions were found to be highly livable, and the sky was clear compared to Nibiru. He drank from the water freely and there is no mention of worry regarding microorganisms. Finding gold, Alalu demanded that he be reinstated as King for being the one to save the planet, but this action never passed. Alalu later died on Mars where an image of him was carved on a rock that was his tomb.

This action led to the creation of human workers to mine gold.


Space travel is possible on Nibiru and several demonstrations on Earth show that nuclear weapons seem to be the greatest tools of destruction available to them. While human workers were fashioned from primitive beings on Earth and present civilization may exist entirely of hybrid Earthling-Anunnaki beings, there is no mention of biological weapons used. It is possible that since humans were given alien chromosomes to perform required functions such as mining resources, that any biological weapons would have also affected the Anunnaki.


This section pertains to beings native to Nibiru.


Translated as "Those who from Heaven to Earth came". The reigning species of Nibiru belonging to a monarchy in which succession is similar to that of monarchies on Earth.

Geography and Regions

Initially, the Anunnaki were divided into North and South and war engulfed the world for ages. Peace was then declared with the son of one region marrying the daughter of another. An would become the first unity king on Nibiru.

The people live in valleys or mountains.


In addition to the Anunnaki, the only details regarding any other beings on the planet are of the Nephilim, whose definition has been confused over time.

  • One version, they are described as grey people and likely to resemble the typical human perception of a gray alien. Nephilim are likely biological robots of a sort, designed with no free will as perfect angels to do their bidding. If this version was true, it is likely they could be sustained while on Earth and continue to watch over mankind during the peculiar Nibiru orbit cycle, being responsible for several alien sightings.
  • In another version, they are names used to refer to half-Anunnaki human workers, but this theory falls apart considering all non-mixed bred humans were destroyed in the flood with the exception of Ziusudra, who was a half-son of Enki. Those that perpetuate this theory like to refer to them as fallen ones.

Nibiru as a brown dwarf

Following the Lieder predictions and the 2012 doomsday predictions Sitchin's work received attention from these groups. Lieder used the original Sitchin hypothesis to give credibility to her own predictions, although Sitchin himself never approved it.

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