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Pee Gong Gooey ('pee' is the Lao word for ghost) is the name of a legendary sylvan spirit ghost in Laos whose stories have been passed down for generations in varying oral forms and renderings. Depictions of this ghost vary story to story, due to the nature of oral history, though a few details are consistent across different tellings.

variations: Gong Goy, Gong Goey

Original Story

Pee Gong Gooey originates from the village of Num Parr where survival is almost entirely dependent on nearby forest resources. The local variant of this story involves Gong Gooey appearing as a little child or monkey-like creature who is not to be feared unless it is capable of jumping over you. If it succeeds in doing so, it results in immediate death. In the final details of this ghost's story, it is said to have been defeated by a novice monk who was training in elemental science and medical herbalism. By mixing rice with elements, and throwing the mixture at the spirit, Gong Gooey fell.

Other Versions

On March 4th, 2009, Anonymous posted a request for ghost stories on 4chan's /x/, which was answered with a creepypasta collection of wandering variants of Pee Gong Gooey. In these stories, there is little in common with the 'original story' above. Due to the lack of written records, no living person can neither confirm nor deny which variant is the true original. The obvious theory behind these inconsistencies is that these are different ghosts whose names and details have been confused. The /x/ Variant

In Laos, there's a ghost called Gong Gooey. She's notorious for many different kinds of hauntings and it's said that she continually gains new patterns depending on who she kills. She cannot be stopped because she is no longer one spirit, but consisting of many.

Original hauntings: If you've eaten any meat of an animal that was pregnant when it was killed, and you walk through her forest, she will follow you home and find you in your sleep and eat you from the inside out. You can tell when she strikes because there's a sound carried on the mist that goes "Gong Gong Gooey!"

Next addition: They say she tried to kill a boatman once but failed when his friends found him having stomach convulsions out in the open. It stopped when he fell into the water and her energy dissipated into the water for the night. Later they tied him in a temple thinking she would not find him the next night, but the next morning, they found him with his hands and feet twisted in the ropes all the way around and his neck to the side. Nobody wanted to touch him, but he was already dead. Now when you walk through her forest on a foggy day, you can see a silhouette walking through it with his hands and feet twisted. You can't tell if he's walking away from you or towards you because he moves so fast as if afraid of something. If you were only running away from him, you would have nothing to worry about, but you're running away from Gong Gooey and you have no idea which direction she is chasing him from.

Next addition: A pregnant woman was killed by Gong Gooey and the baby went missing. The baby is now seen crawling in the bushes of the forest and is an indication that Gong Gooey is nearby. This is scary because most people would stop to help it. The miscarried baby died before she could eat his stomach so she is after him. If she sees you holding it or if it's crawling to you, she will attack you and eat your stomach.

Next addition: Gong Gooey has long black muddy hair, red eyes, and skin that looks like melting swamp sludge. One time an old man was running through the forest really fast and she started chasing him. He turned around and said he didn't do anything to her and that he wasn't afraid of her. Then he started walking backwards and punching air and she disappeared. Instead of running, which attracts her, he continued to walk back home backwards, but secretly, he was frightened to finally see how she looked like. That night she showed up in his room and killed him. His skin was pulled off and his penis looked like it was cut up by razor blades. This skinless old man is now seen walking backwards at the edge of the forest, punching air with his paints bloodied. It is said that he will actually protect you if you walk with him through the forest. But you must not run. You must walk. You might see Gong Gooey, but she will not harm you or follow you.

Next addition: A concerned grandmother once woke up to hear "Gong Gong Gooey" carried ethereally on the mist and went to her granddaughter's room to see if anything was wrong. She saw her daughter grabbing onto her own stomach and shaking violently. The grandma begged for her life, but she still shook. Eventually the grandma said that she killed the chicken that her granddaughter ate for lunch at school that day. Immediately the girl stopped shaking and the grandma was pulled through the wall of the house, having every bone in her body broken and part of the wall as well. They later found her body impaled on sugar canes in a little patch at the edge of the forest. She was honored in the village with her own shrine for saving her granddaughter. Her granddaughter no longer walks home through the forest.

Next addition: Some children were playing around a well at night and a traveler was wondering why they were so interested in it. When he approached, he saw them teasing a little person about 5 inches tall, but proportioned like a normal person. He had a packed sack on a stick like he was also from a far land. The traveler was shocked and came closer when one of the kids flicked him into the well. All the kids ran away except for the traveller. He tried looking into the darkness and he saw that the well was muddy like quicksand. He followed the kids and asked them what it was and they said that they toyed with him because he kept saying that he was sent to stop Gong Gooey from spreading. The traveler didn't understand and continued on to hear all of Gong Gooey's stories. He eventually went to a monk to ask about the little man and the monk cried when he heard the story. The monk explained that the little man was only a boy, like a child going through ritual, often sent to to purify evil. His parents would miss him. They never send another to fix the same problem because the sprites can't die and are assumed to eventually finish the job.

Next addition: There was once a parade in a village near Khammouan, and this parade consisted of the whole village that went through the forest. Earlier, that village had a large feast with chicken, rice, and other food. That night, Gong Gooey feasted on everyone in the village within the time span of 3 minutes. "Gong Gooey" was said so many times, it was described as a sound like waterfall that could only faintly be made out, could be heard all the way in Khammouan. The people of Khammouan were so frightened when they discovered what the sound was. The next day, brave men went to the village to burn everything down, hoping that no other spirits would join Gong Gooey.

Last addition: Three children were playing in the forest when they saw a man whose body was twisted in several directions. Two of the kids were scared and ran off, but one ran in the direction of the man because his house was in the other direction. The next day, people passing through saw the boys with ropes tied around their bodies, with their necks broken in pools of blood. People say that the twisted man was a ghost who tied himself to the kids to prevent being taken away by Gong Gooey. The other boy grew up to become village representative. When the communists were invading, he went out with a banner and negotiated for their lives, and succeeded. He now has a statue of himself in the village with his bones cemented in them.

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