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Quality Meats is a short YouTube video created in March, 2009 by Michael Taflove, also known as Cowsquid.



The video's YouTube description reads as follows:

"While walking through a Ralph's supermarket at 4am , you come across the most unholy of abominations... trapped in a straight jacket of their own flesh... surrounded by pulsating intestine... putrid corpse pile... crawling disembodied torso with no legs: Welcome to my mind!

In eons of darkness, eyes have become flesh, and arms bound in flesh, and only flesh remains!"

The Video

This 15 second demo animation video shows a pair of Lying Figures (also frequently called "straitjacket monsters" and "patient demons") from Konami's Silent Hill 2 shambling through a grocery store aisle, kicking a pile of bodies out of their way. The items on the shelves are all meats and meat products. A pair of intestine-like tubes run on either side of the aisle, and the name of the store is posted on the back wall as "Quality Meats".


The music is an industrial cover of "Motherless Child" by Canadian band Johnny Hollow.

Other Videos by Cowsquid & Criticism

Cowsquid's other videos also frequently feature Lying Figures. Criticism has been made against Cowsquid for re-using the same animation in all of his videos, just with the models re-skinned. Some users have noted that even the two models in Quality Meats have the same animation, but that the model in the rear is simply slightly delayed behind the one in front.

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