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Red Dead Redemption is a 2010 open-world video game produced by Rockstar Studios. The game features a vast world to explore, and tales of paranormal phenomena within the game have already emerged. Many of the myths are inspired by folklore and legends from the American west, upon which the game is based.


The Tumbleweed Haunting

Many players have had disquieting experiences in the ghost town of Tumbleweed. Horses act strange in the town, rearing up and running away if not forced to stay. Horses made to remain in Tumbleweed have been known to die inexplicably. Throughout Tumbleweeds deserted streets the eerie howl of a dog can be heard at night, though the source of the cries cannot be found. Roaming the landscape are two skeletal horses, who limp around without a rider. Inexplicable shadows, like those cast by horses have been witnessed that move of their own accord without anything to cast them. At night a swarm of Bats can be found in Tumbleweed, which cannot be killed. They are the only bats found in the game. Inside furniture moves around by itself, as if being scraped across the floor by unseen hands. Doors will sometimes open without cause. The church bell is known to ring itself in the dead of night, and occasionally a phantom womans screams can be heard when passing the hanging post. The shadowy figure of a little girl has also been spotted in the town at night. Similarly, a horrifying apparition has been reported to appear at the windows of the mansion, from time to time. Inside the same mansion a lantern has been seen to roll back and forth without stopping.

An in-game newspaper article is devoted to the possibility of Tumbleweed being haunted, and NPC's who ride through the town typically make haste, as though they are frightened of something.

The Werewolf

An alleged photograph of the mysterious Werewolf.

The Werewolf is a legendary creature reported from Tall Trees in the West Elizabeth territory. The beast typically appears during the full moon and is extremely aggressive and exceptionally difficult to kill. It is very fast and is said to, if killed, transform into a man upon the break of dawn. When in it's wolf form, the werewolf is tall and slender, dark brown in colour and covered in thick coarse hair.

Similar to the Werewolf, sightings of a Bigfoot have emerged. These are, if anything substantial, merely mistaken reports of the Werewolf.

In the Undead Rising downloadable campaign, there is a mission revolving around Bigfoot.

A glitch in game can attribute the AI of the wolf into a Human, creating a creature known as "The Wolfman".

The Thunderbird

Reported from the sprawling desert, the Thunderbird is a gigantic flying creature, described as either a huge bird or a prehistoric creature. The Thunderbird is said to glide very slowly, rarely flapping its vast wings, and be unaffected by gunshots. It is known to fly out of the map altogether if pursued.

Thunderbirds appear in real North American folklore, and in Indian legends.


Few sightings of the UFO have thus far emerged, although all accounts describe it as being a shining orb in the night sky, that soars slowly past the stars.


Gwangi is the affectionate nickname given to a creature reported from the in-game wilderness. The beast is described as resembling a therapodal dinosaur, most notably the Tyrannosaurus. It is exceptionally large and will, if discovered, attack the player. It is, clearly, very strong and at time of writing no reports of killing the beast have come to light.

The Tyrannosaurus appears to be an homage to the classic Ray Harryhausen film The Valley Of Gwangi, which featured cowboys capturing a living Tyrannosaurus in the wild west. It is worth noting that the film depicts the titular dinosaur with three claws on it's forearms when in reality Tyrannosaurus had only two. The creature reported from the game is said to have three claws, like Gwangi.

Apparentally substantiating claims of the creatures existence are large dinosaurian footprints which can be found from time to time in the desert.

The Train Lady

A ghostly woman who appears on misty nights, screaming on the train tracks before vanishing.

The Headless Horseman

From the shadowy Hollow Canyon a headless horseman is said to gallop out of the fog and will kill the player if they do not evade him in time. The Horseman, a reference, surely, to The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, seems to be impossible to kill.

The Hoop Snakes

Sightings of snakes biting their tails and rolling away in a wheel have been reported in-game. Most sightings involve the regular Rattlesnakes the player typically encounters in the desert, but others describe a different, hitherto unknown species of snake altogether.

The Zombie

A deceased corpse is said to wander certain ghost towns and heavily forested areas of the in-game world, moving slowly and attacking rarely. It is particularly easy to kill, but does not drop anything.

There has since been downloadable content that does add a campaign featuring zombies.

The Lights at Sidewinder Gulch

Three glowing orange lights can be found upon the ground at a certain spot in Sidewinder Gulch, forming a triangle on the the ground. The purpose of the mysterious Sidewinder Gulch Triangle is unclear, though many have speculated a link between the lights and the UFO.

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