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GTA:San Andreas is a massively open world game developed by Rockstar studios. Due to the size of the in-game world, rumors of paranormal phenomena spread quickly. Several have since been proven, though many remain unexplained.

Back O Beyond

Most of the mysterious phenomena reported from GTA:SA have emerged from the Back o' Beyond, a densely forested area. The likelihood of strange creatures and activities existing here were heightened after the discovery of genuine Ghost Cars in the forest; cars that drive down the hill with no driver. When viewed going down the hill with thermal goggles however, a human-like shape is seen in the drivers seat. Similarly the supernatural wall which players claimed would teleport them to another part of the map when driven into at fast speed was also proven to be real.

Sightings of Bigfoot are common here. The creature is said to be particularly large and threatening in appearance, although he poses the player no harm. A brown dog is said to appear in the forest sometimes, where it will follow the player around for some time before dissapearing when dawn comes. Sometimes it is a brown horse, rather than a dog, that will gallop through the trees till dawn. On the shores of the Murky Lake there have been several sightings of a dark, bear-like creature. If spotted, the creature will chase the player and kill him.

Unexplained whispering has been heard in the forest, most prominently near the Murky Lake. Similarly some have reported hearing high-pitched screaming in the woods, a phenomena also reported from Mt.Chilliad. The source of the noise remains unknown.


The tallest peak in San Andreas is at the top of Mount Chilliad. The mountain is famous for it's lonely atmosphere. It is therefore predictable that rumors of the supernatural should come to light.

Sightings of Bigfoot have also taken place of the Mt.Chilliad slopes. It is worth noting that at the base of Mt.Chilliad there exists a set of large footprints in the dirt. The creature is said to live in the tunnel, about halfway up the mountain.

The horrible sound of screaming heard from time to time in the Back o' Beyond can also be heard some nights in the cabin on Mt.Chilliad. As soon as the player leaves the cabin, the screaming stops.

At the peak of the mountain mysterious flashing lights are said to blast through the air, knocking the player over. These are believed to be UFO's.

The Desert

The vast San Andreas desert is the setting for many of the games strangest stories.

The brown horse seen in the Back o' Beyond has also been sighted from the Bone County desert on quiet nights. It dissapears with the morning.

The radio stations are known to fluctuate uncontrollably at certain times in the desert. Sometimes the radio will change to a station named ???. Players have described hearing several things from this station. Most commonly heard is a whispering voice describing "things with snake's faces" which apparentally dwell in the desert.

UFO's are also commonly sighted in the desert, usually near the restricted area, a military base where it is a well-known fact that aliens are being kept. Some have claimed to have even flown a UFO stolen from the restricted area.

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