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The Myth

Satan's Sphinx is reported to be a video that has been banned by the US government because it is full of subliminal messages that lead to suicide of the watcher. Despite this claim, there is literally no information on it outside a probably-faked Yahoo! Answers question and a bad YouTube video. Supposedly, this is because of government censorship.

The Creepy Pasta

This is a quote from a Yahoo Answers' question abut Satan's Sphinx:

I first heard about this movie on 4chans /x/ - not exactly the most reliable source of information but here's what they have come up with so far. It may be a video of a satanic ritual. It may be similar in style and content to some of the sickest movies ever made. (Horror Brain) Or it may be a government movie designed to torture prisoners either with lights and sound designed to induce sickness or containing atrocities which they are forced to watch.

Let me say that I have no idea whether this movie is real or not as all my attempts to find it lead to 404s and removed videos.

Alleged Recording


Question on Yahoo Answers
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