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Screamer From /x/enopedia Jump to: navigation, search A good and well known example of a GIF screamer.

A screamer, is a video or animated image. They are comprised of a scene that is building suspense, which is then cut suddenly to a frightening image, and in the case of videos, punctuated with a loud scream. Usually, they are presented in such a way as to get the viewer to look or listen closely, and usually having a significant pause. Common tactics include claiming there is a faintly visible anomaly in the image; that there is a mindfuck hidden in the image; or having the viewer listen to somewhat creepy dialogue at a low volume, causing them to crank up their speakers in order to hear the words. Just in time for the ear-piercing scream, and eyeless screaming girl.

Sometimes the screamer comes in the form of a picture, mostly a mindfuck picture. But these are easily identified because of the gif format. The only difference with these screamers are that they do not produce sound at all.

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