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  • Nibiru
    ...e asteroid belt) and shifting the remains into a new position between Mars and Venus. The remains then reformed with the water due to gravity to create wh ...ds and releases rain giving rise to streams and lakes, sustaining all life and lush vegetation.
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  • Grays
    Grays are hypothetical extraterrestrials described by ufologists, abductees and others as relatively peaceful beings with high intelligence. ...d to be very large and mostly black. The body structure is relatively weak and thin. Most alleged witnesses describe them having only four or three finger
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  • Frederick Valentich
    ... October 21, 1978. His disappearance is surrounded by mystery, controversy and skepticism. The reason for this is that his disappearance seems to be conne ...ted (many sources say cigar-shaped, but Valentich made no such statement.) and “all shiny on the outside.”
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  • San Andreas Myths o' Beyond, a densely forested area. The likelihood of strange creatures and activities existing here were heightened after the discovery of genuine Gho ... of Bigfoot are common here. The creature is said to be particularly large and threatening in appearance, although he poses the player no harm.
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