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The Conspirators is a 4chan /x/ meme and conspiracy theory that claimed to explain what many described as a huge influx of "cancer" on the board during the summer of 2009.

The Origin

It's a commonly held belief among prolific /x/philes (and most other boards) that summertime is a time of poor post quality on /x/, usually attributed to high school age kids out of class for the summer. The summer of 2009 was no different, with a new fad seemingly popping up weekly. Most thought nothing of it, until it got worse and worse, week after week. Each summer, of course, brings more and more posters to the board as 4chan's population increases over time. Starting at the beginning of August 2009, however, rumblings of a different nature began. The Conspiracy

The Conspiracy rumors began in an /x/tan thread, where an anonymous poster claimed that he was in possession of information of a plot against /x/. The anon explained that /x/ was being targeted specifically by a small group of people who operated out of an IRC channel and picked a new topic to troll /x/ with every week. He was short on details, and disappeared shortly after, apologizing to his co-conspirators, saying that he felt remorse for what he had been doing. Without proof, of course, many disregarded this as a simple troll. The next week, during a Grifter thread, however, the same anon seemingly came back, this time elaborating on his story.

He claimed to be part of a group made up of goons from SomethingAwful who had decided to commit coordinated trolls on /b/ and attempt to both make them look foolish and use it as a bragging piece in an ongoing war against 4chan that began when 4chan split off from SA many years ago. The anon said, however, that SA had found that /b/ was essentially "untrollable", calling it "pure cancer". They then discovered that /b/ frequently took refuge in /x/ during DOS attacks and spamming raids. They instead switched their focus to /x/, deciding it was ripe for trolling.

The anon then disappeared once again, giving no more information. Two nights later, he, or another anon with a similar story, returned once again, this time to a simple creepypasta thread. This time, he claimed that several memes that had been spammed in recent weeks on /x/ were the result of this group of conspirators. These included Slenderman, /x/tan, The Grifter, Ed, Edd, and Eddy cartoon theory threads, Mindfuck note threads, /bx/ "handshake" threads, and "many others". Their method, he said, was to post new threads on each subject every 30 minutes to an hour, regardless of there being an active topic on the forum or not, which caused the threads to take on a forced meme status and irritate genuine posters. The group had apparently noticed that after just a few hours of this, unrelated trolls would take up the spamming for them when they saw how angry people got, reducing the work they needed to do. A few /x/philes began believing the poster, repeating his story that the board was being mass-trolled.

At some point during these threads, the anon said that the group used an IRC channel on SynIRC that was, at one point at least, called "#goonsloveparanormul", that they operated off-board so that there was no evidence of their doing, and that the channel was passworded and only open on Sunday nights. Hoax & Controversy

So far, the hoax status of this anon is unknown. Some /x/philes have commented that it "seems likely" or "makes sense" due to the frequency of fad memes on /x/, but no firm evidence has been given other than the word of an anonymous poster. The IRC channel is not confirmed to exist, and some vague hints have been made by other posters that SA either is not responsible or is not the only group responsible, saying instead that it's /b/tards, former /x/ posters who dislike what the board has become, or posters from other 'chans. Still others say that the conspiracy is far-fetched and unlikely, claiming "SomethingAwful hasn't been relevant on the internet since 2002," and commenting "Don't attribute to conspiracy what's probably just cancer."

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