The Secret Horsemen

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On August 9, 2009, DisregardThat created the first of The Secret Horsemen over IRC which subsequently began a meme of a varying and sometimes humorous nature.


The Original Secret Horsemen List

Secret Horseman #5 - AIDS

Riding on his horse, HIV, AIDS is actually more dangerous in a positive mood than a negative one. He can mostly be seen coming up the rear.

Secret Horseman #6 - The Grifter

The Grifter spends most of his time making home movies and will often appear unwelcome at random and seemingly unrelated moments asking if anyone has ever heard of them. He arrives anonymously so as not to appear suspicious of hyping himself.

Secret Horseman #7 - Jack/Rage

Roams the IRC as Jack until he is faced with technical difficulty, which will result in the insta-summon of his alter-ego RAGE.

Secret Horseman #8 - /b/

Actually consisting of several whiny adolescents that rehash the same content over and over until even they are bored of it.

Secret Horseman #9 - The Grifter, again

Shit just keeps getting posted. The Grifter always returns upside down.

Secret Horseman #10 - The Horseriding Horse

A horse riding another horse? That's crazy. Many have already noted that perhaps this is just a spontaneous and frequent occurrence of two other horsemen's horses going at it... with the exception of The Grifter, whom if he could split himself and his horses, would be seen as #69.

The Additional Secret Horsemen List

Secret Horseman #11 - failanon

Seen incapable of successfully achieving anything and wearing a Guy Fawkes mask while doing so. He is the only horseman without a horse because he failed at riding.

Secret Horseman #12 - Zalgo

The Secret Horseman with down syndrome.

Secret Horseman #13 - Qu

Mischievous citizen of the Qu space-time continuum.

Secret Horseman #14 - Foolkiller

The original gunslinging horseman. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Secret Horseman #15 - Kanye West

The only horseman to ever hear "Fuck you and the horse you rode in on." Most of the time he just arrives (after the battle is won) to interrupt whoever has the attention and proclaim that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. All time boyeeee.

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