The Tribby Theory

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The Tribby Theory is an existential thesis based upon the Imaginary Friend myth.

On June 24, 2010 an anonymous poster entered an imaginary friends thread on 4chan's /x/. He posted his story about his tall, lantern headed imaginary friend named 'Tribby' who presented to him an explanation of imaginary friends and where they're from. According to Tribby, children have a pocket of psychic energy in their minds called 'Gateways'. These Gateways randomly open and close a link to an alternate dimension called 'The Q' which contains the Q-People who serve as our imaginary friends. Each Q-Person is assigned a specific child and whether or not that child's Gateway opens when the Q-Person is ready or if the Gateway opens at all is entirely random and varies from child to child. During childhood the Gateway is at its strongest which is why most Q-People choose the toddler age to come through the Gateway, and because their Gateway is linked only to their own mind, only the child whom the Q-Person is assigned to can see him/her. As the child grows older (s)he is taught that their imaginary friends are not real and slowly the psychic energy of the Gateway withdraws as the child begins to believe less and less that their Q-Person really exists. At this point, the Q-Person must leave before the Gateway is permanently closed (around the time of adolescence). Despite being closed as one grows up, residual psychic energy from one's childhood still remains. Through this 'Minor-Gateway' Q-People can still send thoughts such as inspiration and warnings to the person whom they're assigned to. Because of this it is theorized that perhaps benign Q-People are the source of our conscience, and Q-People with more malicious intent may cause personality disorders such as schizophrenia by sending negative thoughts and visions to the person in question.

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