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The Wellington Clues is the name given to a series of elaborately set up riddles found in various places throughout the New Zealand capital city, Wellington. The exact number of clues so far discovered is unknown, as the phenomena rarely garners attention outside of the city itself. The individual, or group, that set up the clues also remains unknown, and it is unclear how long they have been there.


When the clues were first placed in Wellington is unknown, although the second clue is located near the Museum of New Zealand, which was not built until 1993, indicating that the clues can be no older than that.

The identity of the clues creator or creators is also unknown, and there is essentially no possible way to determine their identity from the clues themselves. A commonly held, though unfounded theory is that the final clue will identify or lead one to the clues creator or creators.

Nature Of The Clues

The clues are written as riddles, with each clue giving cryptic directions to the next. They are hidden in places which are difficult to access, or can only be accessed at certain times such as Clue Seven, which is located beneath the wharf, on a small pile of rocks only accessible when the tide is out. Others in hidden in places where one would simply never think to look without the answer to the preceding clue, such as Clue Six, which is found on the underneath of a public rubbish bin. The space between the underside of the container and the pavement below is too small to fit ones head in, forcing the clue spotter to place a camera on the ground and photograph the clue.

In this manner the clues make it deliberately nigh-impossible to discover out of order, or without knowledge of any previous clues.

It is unknown how many clues exist. So far seven are known to have been discovered.

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