The Wyoming Incident

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The Wyoming Incident is a YouTube video and the beginning of an abandoned ARG.


The Wyoming Incident was created by SomethingAwful goons who intended to begin an ARG with it. The ARG has since been abandoned, with no signs of it continuing any time in the future.

The Video

The video shows the fictional high-jacking of a Wyoming ABC News affiliate during their broadcast, not unlike The Max Headroom Incident. What follows is a series of title cards displaying the number 3, often in groups of 3 (For example: 333-333-333), unusual phrases in all caps, such as "YOU WILL SEE SUCH PRETTY THINGS", and pictures of mannequin and human heads and faces. The video is accompanied by analog tones that some have suspected may be binaural beats. This is accompanied by a short tune, also analog, playing a tune reminiscent of those found in some recordings of number stations.

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