Trapped for a Day on a Rather Quiet Incline

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Written by "TheIdealist !!ZfPWWNCRHs6" on /x/


Johnathan was very hyper on Wednesday night. He had chugged 4 energy drinks, eaten half his weight in junk food, and was now running around his home and jumping off of anything he thought to be high enough.

Johnathan was 19 at the time, and was home alone. While years later he was able to laugh himself for being so childish as to jump off of his bed for fun, at the moment his head smacked onto the hard wood floor, no one was laughing.

His parents got home 20 minutes later, and rushed their unconscious son to the ER. He was lucky to only have a minor concussion, and he was conscious within 2 hours.

When Johnathan awoke he was in a rather quiet hospital room. He had no "room mates", and there wasn't a single doctor or nurse in sight. There were 2 sounds he could hear.

The first of which was the steady "beep......beep....." of his heart monitor, which to his relief, was showing him as stable.

The second was not near as comforting. On the rooms wall mounted television was nothing but a snowy static image, accompanied by stereotypical white noise. Johnathan felt bothered by this, so he reached over to a small beside tray, in which he could see the remote.

He flipped through every channel. Comedy Central. Static. Syfy. Static. ABC. Static. Nothing was coming on. He flipped it off, thinking it to be a faulty cable connection, he hit the call button to summon a nurse.

"Of course. Shitty TV, shitty response time...."

Johnathan trailed off. He looked at the clock on the wall, and read it as 3 o'clock. Being an old style clock, it did not indicate AM or PM.

He thought for a moment, and stood up. The curtains were closed, so he assumed it was day time, as they would be shut to keep light out.

"One way to find out."

He pulled them back to see nothing but a thick grey fog, the outlines of several tree's visible, but not much more.

"Or maybe night time it is...Where the fuck is the nurse?"

Ironically, it was then that he met the first abomination that he would face in his transformed quiet little town (which was built on top of an incline, or a hill, if you'd like to call it that).

The thing that came shuffling through the door at that very moment might have very well once been a nurse. But now it was a shell of its former self.

Its bones bent in odd ways, and you could hear cracking noises as it stepped. Its face was covered in bloody bandages, its uniform stained with various fluids. And in its hand was a rusty scalpel, which was the first thing Johnathan noticed. And the only thing he really needed to notice.

It was enough to put him in battle mode, and he soon was holding his trusty remote as if it were a deadly weapon.

Running towards his "nurse", he swung the remote smack dab into the center of it's skull. He brought it back up, then "twack!" again. Right across it's forehead.

After 3 more strikes she was down and Johnathan was gone. He ran out into the hall to see only more disturbing imagery.

The walls were covered in rust, chipping paint everywhere. Holes in the support beams were visible, as were the support beams themselves.

There were several more nurses in the hallway, but they were slow and Johnathan was fueled by fear. He breezed by them and into the stairway. He looked at the floor number.

"3? Thats not bad, I'll be out of here in no time at all"

Opening the door to the ground level, he was greeted with a huge black hole. The floor was almost non existent, save for a 6 inch wide strip running from the stairs to the exit.

Realizing it to be his only way across, Johnathan slowly walked on the strip. Calmly breathing, arms out at his side, he kept good time.

Reaching the end of beam he leaped out of the building. He stopped himself from doing some sort of a victory dance, because he had a feeling there would only be more monsters to come, and he didn't need to draw more attention to himself.

Turning on his heel he saw some things he would never forget. Behind him was a tall man with a pyramid mask over his head. This in itself wouldn't of been so terrible, had he not been carrying the largest knife Johnathan had ever seen, and had he not been raping a nurse and what seemed to be a living mannequin. Both at once.

For a moment Johnathan contemplated on how much skill and practice it would take to rape two people at once, then dismissed it as he realized that if he could rape two at once then he might be able to take on a third.

Pyramid head didn't seem to notice as the teen boy in a night gown sprinted into the fog, trying desperately not to confront anything.

He wondered for several hours, sneaking by monsters. Then at about 6 PM (Turned out it was PM, according to a digital clock he saw in the abandoned video store) he found a clothing store that seemed safe enough and got some pants and a shirt on. Can't be fighting monsters half naked.

Luckily he also found a knife in the street. It wasn't too great, but it would work. All he could hope for was to survive the day.

He then made the decision to head on home. He felt he'd be safer if he made a homecoming of sorts. It was a few miles away, but at 10 PM he arrived there. Oddly enough he didn't see a single monster on the way.

Arriving home, he found no one. Not a soul around. His parents gone, his siblings missing, he decided to take a rest in his room.

He stepped in, seeing his room to look oddly....perfect. In a place that he had seen nothing but rust all day, this was a rather scary idea. For some reason or another, he felt he would of been safer with the rust.

He locked the door, and thought for a moment. After a moment he decided it was a bad idea to trust just a lock. He pushed a large dresser in front of the door. Hoping to god it was enough to keep anything out.

He laid down on the bed, intending to go to sleep. He had walked around for hours, and his feet were screaming out for a rest.

His bed faced the window on the opposite wall. And he stared out of it as he began to drift off.

A loud crash through the window jarred him out of his sleep. Opening his eyes he saw a long black arm in front of his face. It grabbed him by the neck. Soon the arm was joined by three friends, and he was pulled from the 2nd story window, out into the yard.

He looked up to what was holding him. He saw a man, in a suite. The man was taller then any basketball player and rather slender. This Slender man of sorts had 6 arms jetting out like the limbs of a tree. His skin was pale and he had a very memorable face. Reason being is that is was just flat skin. No nose, mouth, eyes, nothing but skin.

Johnathan screamed for help, but it was too late. He was suffocated in the arms of Slender Man and everything slowly faded to black. Death felt close. It would soon come.

Johnathan woke up screaming. He was where he had passed out, laying on the floor in his bedroom. Had it all been a dream?

He looked up at the TV and laughed. He remembered now.

On the TV was the pause screen for Silent Hill 2. He had fallen asleep playing his favorite game, and it had given him nightmares. He felt so foolish. He stood up, yawning, and pulled back the curtains on his window to see a thick fog and 2 men. 1 man in a suit, the other with a Pyramid mask on.

"Fuck my life."

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