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I am the Admin of the site. I host, maintain, and built things around here. I'm a jack-of-all-trades. I want to believe. I have paranormal memories, but no proof of them. I want to find out for sure. The contents below are all true as I perceived and experienced them.


Paranormal Incidents

Paranormal or creepy things that actually happened to me.

Elements Dance

A long time ago, I got lost on one of my bicycle adventures. An old lady led me out of the forest and in return requested I bring her a flower. I did and she began telling me my fortune right there by the lake...


Growing up I used to see little lines running across random places like singular threads of a spider-web.

They would appear as single lines and you would think that it actually was a spider-web except these lines were never really there. Most of the times I would see it and it would slow me down just enough for me to think about it, or try to test if it was a real web. I sometimes did run into real webs and would struggle with wiping my face off at the sheer realization that it was part of a spider's web.

There were times where I'd sit around staring at it but most of the times, it would disappear too fast for me to analyze. Someday, they just stopped.

I like to think that maybe, just maybe, they were stopping me just long enough to save my life somehow, because in this world, a few seconds can mean the difference between life or death, success or failure. I don't know why a web was chosen, but when you think about it, what else could it have been without being too obvious?

Goodbye Computer

I was using a 486 (computer) once in my dad's repair shop and back then it didn't do much aside from print out invoices and whatnot. I was sitting at it and talking to it for some reason. "Eh look at you, you don't get a lot of play time do you?" and then proceeded to open a game of solitaire. In addition to this, I had one of those 21-pack floppies full of random games in a long accordion sleeve.

Since I was spending the whole day taking care of my Dad's shop, I needed to keep myself preoccupied. I played a few games like Leisure Suit Larry and Commander Keen. During the whole experience I was talking out loud towards the game and computer. Just saying random comments.

When my Dad came back at the end of the day, I shut everything down. Right before I put the computer to sleep I said "Later computer" and it said in a woman's voice "Goodbye."

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I looked back towards the computer. Nothing. I asked my Dad why he had a creepy shut down audio and he said he didn't. He shut it down every night and it never did that.

One day he sold the shop because it wasn't doing so well. He called me in to back up his book keeping so I did. That night when I was about to shut it down I said "Looks like you're leaving forever computer." And I started getting a floppy disk error. I ejected the back up disk and tried putting others in, but it wouldn't take. I was just going to force shut down, but instead I looked to the left of the desk and saw the 21 games pack. I put in commander keen and the error went away. I don't know why I had such an emotional reaction to think of doing this, but I was 13 and I guess we have a tendency to care about inanimate objects. I shut down the computer for the last time and before I was out the door. I heard one more "Goodbye".

Week One - Building The Board

I've been having a hard time sleeping in the past 2-3 days. Maybe it's the combination of working so closely on all this /x/ stuff lately, and staying up too late.

Been paranoid a bit.

Sleeping with the lights on for the first time in over a decade. Had a cold chill on my back the other day. Tried to shake it off and thought listening to music would help. Didn't really.

Feeling watched a lot. Especially since working on the wiki, imageboard, etc... Hearing things like bed creaks and snoring throughout the house. I'm the only one here at the moment.

Find myself wondering what /x/ is about to people. I like paranormal things. I like the truth. I like seeking out the answers without making up the answers. I wonder about the people who are here for fear or looking to troll others.

Manifestation is one of the things I worry about. What if in my less than stable state of mind, I conjure up something, either in the supernatural sense, or psychological sense. I don't feel that safe falling asleep and dreaming. I haven't lucid dreamed in a long time. A year in fact, though I used to be quite good at it, I understand it is strongly associated with how well in-control you are in real life. I worry about manifesting fears.

Dreams are a strange plane of possibility. I used to think that if anything was possible in a dream, then I should be able to find a way to manipulate the real world simply by bringing something back. I once attempted to bring the power of manifestation across the border of my dreams into the real world.

Unfortunately, I woke up powerless. Excuse me if I rambled at all. I'm in want/need of sleep but I'm not comfortable doing so.


I was sleeping with my digital photo frame on the nightstand as per usual. It came upon a picture of my nephew and I picked it up in my hand, sleeping stomach down and just looked at it.

As it continued to cycle through pictures of my friends, girlfriend, and whatnot, I fell asleep holding it in my hand. Earlier that night, my girlfriend came over where we shared a pizza and lurked this board while listening to Jack stream Cthulhu (and later caught dogma on the_game channel).

I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night with my hand still grasping the photo frame seeing something weird. it was if my thumb was sinking into the picture. Still dazed, that wasn't what freaked me out. I lifted my head slightly and then felt another hand grabbing mine. I panicked and placed the photo frame back on the nightstand face down. My panic continued as I started to hear a clicking sound in the room. I turned on the lights and tried to drown it out with some Kings of Leon. It took a good 5 minutes of sitting frozen before I came to my senses. I don't know what happened, but I lay back on my pillow with the lights still on and "someone like you" looping.

Deja Vine

What I'm about to write will make little to no sense. The truth is I haven't had time to digest it myself. Time to turn it into a real story, but I had to write it down before I forgot. And here I am, just fresh from writing it and I'm going to give it to you guys, raw. (Addition: I don't think I was myself in this dream. I think I was playing the role of another person.)

I. Toy Kingdom

Coming home from school, I usually pass through the mall to the other side and call for a ride while waiting by the entrance of a Best Buy.

This one particular Friday... I was walking through the mall when I came upon a wing that had a Toys R Us and a Babies R Us combined. As I passed by the first window of the Babies R Us section I had a thought that I wanted to check out the Toys R Us for a gift to buy for my nephew, so I kept walking.

It wasn't a Toys R Us. It was now called Toy Kingdom.

The entire storefront looked like the front of a basic castle. I will draw a picture and add it after. Now I haven't seen this entrance before, but it looked familiar. On the inside it was structured like a four leaf clover. When I walked in through the stem, it started to be even moreso recognizable. As I walked through, I was so excited as I saw boxes of old toys I once forgot, some with a sign saying 3 for 1 and such deals you'd only see at the flea market.

That's when I came upon it. At the point where the four leaves combined. It was a strange plant. So small and fragile. So familiar. It stood tall about 15 cm, had a stem as thin as a coffee straw, and the leaf came out like a steak carving fork. It was inside a plastic case save for a few holes. I put my bag on the counter next to it as I checked my wallet for some money. My bag almost knocked the entire display case to the ground. I sighed in relief as I caught it.

I kept walking and I eventually came to one section of the clover and that's when it came back to me. I had been here or seen this all before. That's when it came flooding back.

II. Gift

I was walking through the mall when I came upon a Toy Kingdom. I dragged my feet through the store, looking for a gift for my nephew. I noticed a strange plant that looked like a steak carving fork with its head bent down like a typical plant. I did eventually buy something and I went home.

As I was sifting through my backpack I found the toy I had purchased and put it on my nightstand waiting for a more motivated mood to wrap it. When I turned my bag over I noticed something weird. It was two white mouldy dots. It was sticking to the back of my denim sack. I wasn't sure where this came from but I kept on keeping on. Doing some randoms from homework to getting in a little Steam gaming. I decided to call it a night.

III. Nightmare

When I woke up the next morning I was in a haze of white spores and what looked like chalk powder. The entire room was covered in this white mould. I wasn't sure where it had come from. I watched in horror as it lay in patches on my arm. Running to the bathroom I begun rubbing it under the tap only to find that when the mould was washed off, it was just red beneath it. It had eaten my skin. Thankfully it wasn't on my face. I wondered what the hell was going on. I looked at other patches along my other arm. As I touched it under my finger it felt like cheese despite having a powder look.

I came out looking for my mother only to find the mould had spread beyond my room. My mother knelt in the kitchen barely able to speak as she watched her fingers, red from having rubbed the mould off. Bright red… like the mould had eaten her skin and her flesh beneath was showing. It barely bled however. Looking up close at my arm, I could see little pores where dots of blood could be seen. My mom was murmuring making no sense. When she looked up at me she couldn't talk. She didn't even really recognize me. Blood began dripping from her nose. Maybe the mould got inside her.

I picked her up and ran outside to see the mould had spread to the neighbours house. I wondered how I slept through all this. People walked around dazed, some hysterical, rubbing their arms. It was a nightmare. The worst nightmare. This was spreading too fast. It couldn't be stopped unless something thought fast and nuked it. Thinking about it now, you would need a bomb that actually sucked in all the air like a vacuum.

It seemed hopeless. I remembered my backpack and the two dots. It was my fault. I picked this up somewhere… and the only place I stopped by was the Toy Kingdom.

IV. Damned

I hurried over there as fast as I could. Taking my Mom's car, I sped like a madman to the mall. It didn't look like the mould spread this far, but at the speed it was currently going, in a few hours it could probably get there. I was so stressed. My heart pumping.

I came into the Toy Kingdom, just opening up. I walked straight to the plant and then it started to move. I watched as it danced from its stem, pointing to me like a water dowser. I shouted "What the fuck" as other people in the store came to see. One kid wanted to know how much it cost. Somehow it kept pointing intently in my direction. That's when I heard a voice…

"Come" it said.

Everyone else heard it as well. When they looked down they started to notice white mould had spread to their arms. Not knowing the horrors I had seen earlier, they all panicked and ran around the store. I shoplifted the plant and went outside with it, knowing it was the cause of all this.

"Come" it said. I didn't know how to get any closer so I placed the plant in the car where the mould had spread to the entire backseat. That's when I saw the plant begin to sweep, grow larger, and consume the mould. I could not describe how fast this happened but the car tipped over from the sheer weight of the plant. It smashed through the windows and tore the car apart, reaching out towards the sky and then turning its head to me.

I looked in terror asking aloud. "What the hell are you?!" and then it answered… vibrating it's two prongs as it spoke.

"I'm from a faraway place. I can't express the terms in a way you can understand. The people that created me gave me all their knowledge and a means to survive. It was the only way they could save themselves." it said in a harmonic emanating voice.

"The mould came to your people too?" I asked.

"Yes. And for all their technology, wonders that you can only imagine, they could not stop it in time. They originally created me for the purpose of making the only nectar that could stop it, but it was too late. They left me their database of knowledge knowing I would survive."

I looked at the trunk of the vine as it tore through the metal of the car. Part of the vine had been cut and the nectar flowed out. I ran over and drank some, rubbing it on my arms to watch the mould disappear leaving only the red patch where my skin used to be.

"This doesn't really do anything… it kills it but I might as well be washing it off!!" I exclaimed.

"They discovered the same thing…" the plant said.

It whipped around in the direction of my house sweeping up spores, eating it.

I knelt down defeated realizing that the only thing that would survive on this planet would be that damned plant.

V. Second Chances

As I stood in the Toy Kingdom, I was overtaken with a realization that I was having Deja Vu. I've seen this place before, in a dream or something. It was the first time I could really say I dreamt something before and it actually came true. It was proof that Deja Vu was real. Then the rest of that dream came back to me. The plant. The spores. The mould.

I immediately dropped my bag in realization, looking down at it, to see the two dots looking back up at me like eyes foretelling my doom. I ran to the plant in the centre of the store. I picked it up and noticed it didn't have a for sale sign. Sneaking it off to a corner of the clover-shaped store, I began talking to it.

"I know what you are…"

The plant turned its two prongs towards me. It vibrated but it was too small to carry on extended conversation. It merely said "help".

"Help?", I said with a little hysteric laughter, "You were programmed to survive!" I continued… "You placed the mould on me so it would spread… so you could eat it! You saved these two dots this whole time waiting."

The plant vibrated. "Survive"

"What happened? Someone figured it out and nuked your planet? Are you even from outer space? Are you all that's left?" I realized the futility in speaking to the plant.

When I turned my head, the store manager was looking at me talking to a plant, phone in hand. I guess he called the police. With little time to think, I tore the plant apart. I watched as it bled the amber nectar, struggling to survive. I placed two drops on my bag and watched the eyes of mould disappear. Then I rolled up the two pronged plant in its own juices.

When the police came by I didn't say anything. The best thing that could happen was that this all be forgotten. I don't have the rest of the story behind this. I don't know how this plant got into this store, and I don't know if I really even beat it. But I do know that there's something working for us and that we have second chances all the time.

VI. Race

I looked at my fingers still sticky from the nectar. My fingers started to glow and I began to understand things. My body seized up in the back of the police car as the knowledge of an entire race flowed through my head. I don't know if I died, blacked out, or whatnot...

Because that's when I woke up.

As I've said… it might not make much sense to you, and I haven't had time to digest it myself. All I know is my nephew's birthday is coming up and I got a lot of work ahead of me. Maybe not this year, maybe not the next. But sometime, I'll be ready… If you ever see a store called the Toy Kingdom, you know what to do. Destroy that plant.

My Lucid Dreams

Hi guys, I'm here to tell you everything I know about lucid dreaming. I don't claim to be an expert, I'm only here to tell what I know is absolutely true based on personal experience. There's not going to be any personal ego stroking or need to prove I'm any better at it than anyone else. Just the facts, which is I'm probably not even better than most.

For the record, I never trained for any of this. I didn't look up any technique or adopt some way of doing this. It was a natural progression.

Becoming pre-lucid: I would be in a dream and in most cases I would just stop and realize it. It didn't seem to matter if I was running from something, just walking through a mall, or having a nightmare. This is called being pre-lucid. Just becoming aware that you are dreaming. From what I've read, some people actually have a symbol for realizing it. I don't. It just happens.

The First Dream

My first experience came out of a nightmare. I was hiding in a rancher perched atop a mountain-side overlooking a city. I remember hiding in the closet, afraid that something would get me.

Then I came to the realization with a smile on my face.

In that moment I opened the door and ran out the front screen door looking out over the city. At my feet was tall crabgrass, but it was beautiful and almost golden like wheat. I began running through it as the wind picked up. Before I knew it, I leaped from the ground and began flying. My vision was fixed on the ground. As I flew up from the crab grass I flew higher and higher until I was looking at the Earth. Then the solar system. Then it skipped to the Milky Way. I woke up and thought that was probably the coolest dream I ever had. The thing to note about this is, I was only lucid for about a few seconds. Then the moment I flew, I was no longer in control. The dream went back on autopilot.

Grand Theft Flying

I can't tell you when I had these dreams because I don't remember. But I'll do my best to do them in chronological order. Another dream also involving flying. I was a burglar and attempting to escape out a window. This was the window to the house I grew up in though. I hadn't lived there in years and even lived on the opposite coast at the time. Things were getting heated and I realized someone or the cops would get me so I contemplated jumping out the second story window which seemed so much further up in the dream.

Then I became pre-lucid.

Placing my hands (with seemingly nothing in them despite the precondition that I might've stolen something or just broke into this house) on the outside of the window frame I launched myself from the house flying horizontally down the street. The strange thing about this is that I noticed I couldn't see directly in front of me. Just through the side, like I was a passenger in a car. I woke up by the time I hit the end of the street.

The Mall

The mall. I found myself walking in a mall. Somehow I was in Seattle of all places and the mall was floating in the sea off the coast. If you were to walk outside, there would be a few piers but you were literally in the sea. This is something I just "knew". I didn't personally take a look. It was a precondition of the dream. When I realized it, I tried to change the environment for the first time. Unsuccessful. I woke up. I actually tried this over several dreams, which was difficult because it's such a waste of an experience. However, I did eventually succeed and get better at it.

Changing the Environment and Sex

The first time I successfully changed the entire environment I could not recall the dream I was having before I became pre-lucid and then changed things. My moment of lucidity lasted only so long before I handed over the reigns to autopilot.

I did it with confidence as if I knew it was going to work. I sat back in a lazyboy chair and sunk into it. I suddenly fell from the roof like falling though a portal into a bedroom. Writing this now, I realized I didn't really change the environment, I simply moved to one. As I lay in the bed looking up at the light from the bathroom I saw a girl wearing a white tank and no pants. Well I let the dream run its course from this point through.

This wasn't the first time I had a sexual experience in a dream. My very first I was about 14 years old and somehow I was having very raw sex with Kylie Minogue of all people. It was the first and last time I ever had an orgasm in a dream and then woke and ejaculated. I use that experience as the basis that it is entirely possible to achieve both stages of an orgasm without touching yourself. Haven't pursued that theory though.

Zombie Dream

I was in a huge house and just walking out the door when I saw a zombie walking down this street that looked like something out of Back to the Future. It was foggy though. I immediately did the run and flew upwards past him, unafraid. As I overlooked the city, I noticed it was nothing but gas stations and repair shops. I never really understood this dream but I landed in a recreation centre and the dream went back on autopilot.

Heaven and Beyond

This is the more fascinating of all of them and I wanted you guys to know what happened in this most of all.

I was walking through this newly constructed mall. I can't relate this structure of this place to any mall that actually exists. I just know I was there and it was closing time. I bought a pizza pretzel and then left.

Outside, my sister offered me a ride home but I said I was fine. As she drove away I though to myself... it's 6pm, why would I be fine? Then I became pre-lucid and that smile came across my face. I got up and flew around for a bit over this city I couldn't even recognize. But then it got strange. I seemed to fly into a strange place. It was above the clouds and full of golden valleys with waterfalls. I looked closely at the relief of the rocks and thought to myself how detailed this all was for a dream. There were several of these floating mountains and valleys with waterfalls. Clouds separating them, the sun leaving glistening sparkles everywhere.

I wanted to explore it more, but I had a thought that I must go further. I don't know how to describe this concept of the further place, but I attempted to fly there.

Still flying I did a curve upwards and began flying so fast I started to see a dark tunnel. I flew through this tunnel and began seeing things like something out of Contact or Stargate. I was flying so fast that I knew I must be breaking some law of physics. Then I saw it coming towards me. The end of the tunnel and at the end it looked like jagged black teeth at the end of a cylinder. Like I was coming out from the inside of a sandworm from Dune. A part of me was afraid but I knew I had to go on. My body turned cold instantly like ice. By the time I was in blackness I felt it all stop. All movement, all consciousness. Like I was in a place of nonexistence and fading. Suddenly, I awoke.

I wonder to this day if I actually had the courage to make it through or if an ounce of my fear interfered and pulled me out, but I was making the conscious choice to continue all the way through. By the end, I was actually incapable of doing anything but feel the sense of my observation fading away.

Anyways, I haven't had a lucid dream since. That last dream happened last year around Winter.

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