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A collection of paranormal, horror, and general mindfuckery on the web.


Communities, Forums, etc.

Reddit's Creepy subreddit.

NoSleep subreddit


The SCP Foundation

Creepypasta Tumblr

Creepypasta dot com

The Holders Series

Creepy Visuals

Shit Bri/x/

Giant hole in water

Haunted Memories

Various Flickr groups and pages

Flickr Scary Houses group

Flickr Scary People group

Flickr Creepy Dolls group

Flickr Horror! group

Flickr Horror Hospital group

Snailbooty's flickr feed


Zdzislaw Beksinski

The art of Charlie Immer

The art of Juan Cabana

Joshua Hoffine

Alex CF

Mark Ryden

Mark Powell

Vladimir Manyuhin

Gustave Dore


Jan Svankmajer - Down to the Cellar (1983)

Absurdist Video Art: Website collating short arthouse film on the net.



Scale of the Universe (Flash)

The Dionaea House

How to hallucinate with ping pong balls and a radio

TV Tropes page on Mindscrews in TV, movies etc.


Time Cube

Zombo dot com

The Evokation

Children's Immortality Project


The New Theatre of Cruelty and Decadence (NSFW)

Vampire's Grasp: A blog about authentic Vampires

Rigorous Intuition: Summary here.

Loren Coleman's The Cryptozoologist

Obscure Hollow: Good blog focusing on horror film decor (yes, decor). Plenty of creepy pics from old horror movies.

Kinder Trauma

Morbid Anatomy


Tales of Horror Radio Theater

See Also

/x/enopedia's Wikipedia Links.

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