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Yume Nikki (japanese for Dream Diary) is a freeware adventure game made by an independent japanese developer called Kikiyama, using RPG Maker 2003.

The game is known by it's disturbing imaginary and mindfuck potential. You take control of Madotsuki, an apparently little girl that for some reason doesn't want to go out from her room. The only places to explore in the 'awake' realm are her room, which features a TV that displays static, a Atari-like gaming console with only one game (NASU), her desk (that serves a a save point), and her bed (which is used to enter the 'dream' realm); and her apartment's balcony. Though, in the 'dream' realm, she can exit her room and enters the nexus, a room with 12 doors that let you explore a wide variety of different worlds, that ranges from snow-covered forest to surreal darkworlds lit by candles.


The goal of the game is adquire 24 effects, that are scattered through the dream worlds and gather them in the nexus. The effects are items that changes Madotsuki's appearance and sometimes they give her new abilities to interact with the NPCs or change the environment. There are some NPCs dispersed around the huge, often looped dream worlds, but you can interact with only a few of them. The effects can only be used in the 'dream' realm.

Each level displays one of Madotsuki's dreams. Some of them represents faithfully a real enviroment (like the forest, the sewers or even mars), while others are more featureless and dreamlike (for example, the numbers world, the white desert, the neon world). All levels are fully explorable from the beginning, and since the game lacks of a proper plot, map or storyline, it's highly interpretative. At any time, the player can make Madotsuki pinch her cheek and wake up to the 'awake' world.

In some levels there are NPC, though Madotsuki can't interact with most of them. There are no enemies in Yume Nikki, but is some areas there are characters that depict tall girls with pointy noses and red eyes (dubbed Toringen) that, when they get in contact with Madotsuki, teleport her to a closed room, of which the only escape is waking up.

The game features a lot of easter eggs and random events that encourages replay. Some of this events are very rare, like the Uboa one, or requires a lot of wandering before reaching, such as the Mars event.

Events & Easter Eggs

  • Uboa: probably the most famous of them, it's a random event triggered by turning off the ligthswitch on Poniko's house. When it's activated, Poniko is turned into Uboa, and the room changes and theme music turns to a horrid noise. if you interact with Uboa, it teleports you into another world, similar to the Withe Desert, that features as background a childish picture of some thing with 5 arms standing over a chain of little mountains, while a deformed Uboa roams around. Some theories say that the picture depicts a groping attempt that Madotsuki had suffered.
  • KyuKyu-Kun & FACE: Random event. Cutting your way through a wall, you walk over a bridge until you reach a ladder, and there is the happy thing known as KyuKyu-kun, rubbing its pole. There is no way to interact with him. If you keep going, you'll find a door. After you cross it, a looping FMV starts playing. It depicts what it seems like a demonic face. The only way to get out is by waking up.


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